Android & IOS App Development

Android / IOS App Development Internship Program

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Get started with AUV Technology Android/Ios App training and learn to develop Android/ Ios apps. And integrate them with SQLite, Google Maps, and Google Play store!


This AUV Technology’s Android / IOS App Development Internship Program will give you all the knowledge needed to work with the Android/ Ios platform and Android/ Ios programming. This Android/Ios course will enable you to develop Android/ Ios apps and register them on the Google Play store to show the world your creativity. Some important topics covered in this training are Android/Ios architecture, its components and various resources, the process of an application life cycle, the Layout Manager, different styles, menus, intents, broadcast notifications, the SQLite database, and Google Play store registration.

Course Content
  • Full fledge mobile app development
  • Anytime doubt clearance
  • Industry based knowledge
  • On-demand projects