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agra california history

[28] Meanwhile, it was witness to the Agra famine of 1837–38,[29] which caused widespread loss of human life as well as livestock, and came to remembered in folk memory as chauranvee, (Hindi, literally, "of ninety four,") for the year 1894 in the Samvat calendar corresponding to the year 1838 CE. Between 1890 and 1914, the California farm economy shifted from large-scale ranching and grain-growing operations to smaller-scale, intensive fruit cultivation. [66][67], As of 2011[update] India census,[5][69] Agra city has a population of 1,585,704, while the population of Agra cantonment is 53,053. There are about 12 major and medium scale industries, producing electrical goods, pipes, leather goods etc. It was the capital of Agra (later renamed North Western Province)Province from 1834 to 1868 and was one of the centres of the Indian rebellion of 1857. This festival, an attempt to rejuvenate that aesthetic spirit which is a soul of this historically rich city, Agra. [46] Agra is about 210 km away from the National capital of New Delhi(via Yamuna Expressway),[47] about 336 km from state capital Lucknow(via Agra-Lucknow Expressway),[48] and about 227 km from Kanpur(via Agra-Lucknow Expressway). Agra, city, western Uttar Pradesh state, northern India. The Kailash Fair is held in the town of Kailash, about 12 km (7 mi) from Agra, in the month of August/September. A History of California Agriculture. A moat 9 metres (30 ft) wide and 10 metres (33 ft) deep surrounds the outer wall. I remember walking the dust filled streets for my Aunt Edna. You can book 5-star deluxe hotels at a reasonable price. The mausoleum of Shah Jahan's favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, Taj Mahal is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world,[122] and one of the three World Heritage Sites in Agra. [143] Indigo will start flights to Bangalore from 27 March 2020 and direct flights from Lucknow, Varanasi and Bhopal to Agra Airport from 29 March 2020.[144]. But in the economy of the administration of British India Agra is nothing more than a district town; its size, proportions and manifold activities have come down to its present requirements, and continued life in this city does not come above the average of that monotonous muffasil life in India which has been so often and so vividly described by many gifted Anglo-Indian writers. Agra achieved glory and prestige during the rule of Emperor Akbar. The Taj Mahal is distinguished as the finest example of Mughal architecture, a blend of Indian, Persian, and Islamic styles. [21] After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the city came under the influence of another post-Mughal Empire power, the Marathas and was renamed Agra, before falling into the hands of the British East India Company in 1803. Almost millions of travellers visit this beautiful city. She had sent me to the butcher to pick up some meat. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri is located in Agra. Tourists from all over the world will frequently visit this place. In the outskirts of Agra, a new city named Fatehpur Sikri was developed by Akbar. [69] Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. [39][40] The Taj Mahal witnesses tourists, photographers, historians and archaeologists in massive numbers all around the year. The history of the city before the Afghan invasions in the 11th century is unclear. [98] To provide the city with adequate water supply, the Gangajal pipeline project has been initiated. [139] The tomb is within the compound of the Christian Missionary Society. It had over a population of 1.7 million. Agra University was established on 1 July 1927 and catered to colleges spread across the United Provinces, the Rajputana, the Central Provinces and almost to entire northern India. There are close to 20 trains to New Delhi and Gwalior Junction every day, and at least three or four to Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Mumbai and Chennai. This city had many mosque, gardens, harems, courts and private quarters. The interiors are decorated with fine Pietra dura inlay work, incorporating semi-precious stones. The capital of Mughals was later shifted to Delhi by Shah Jahan. Sikander Lodi selected the site and named it Agra. It grew into an important power centre under the Delhi Sultan Sikandar Lodi, who shifted his capital from Delhi in 1504. Post India's independence, Agra has been a part of Uttar Pradesh and has gradually developed into an industrial city, with a significant contribution to Uttar Pradesh's economy. [140][38], Taj Mahotsav is a cultural festival and craft fair that was started in the year 1992 and has grown since then. 08, 23:33: The State of California has recently released a draft copy of "Foreign Language Content Stan… 38 Antworten: case history - Arbeitsbeispiel: Letzter Beitrag: 15 Apr. Shivaji visited the Agra Fort, as a result of the conditions of the Treaty of Purandar entered into with Mirzā Rājā Jaisingh to meet Aurangzeb in the Diwan-i-Khas (Special Audience Chamber). Tourists are most attracted by the zari sarees of Agra. Being located in the bank of Yamuna River, Agra is a part of Golden triangle along with Jaipur and Delhi. The weather grows cold again by the middle of October. [62], The Yamuna River is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. The Divisional Commissioner of Agra acts as the ex-officio Chairman of ADA, whereas a vice-chairman, a government-appointed IAS officer, looks after the daily matters of the authority.[90]. The city was later taken by the Jats and then Marathas and later still fell to the British Raj. winter, summer, monsoon, autumn. [51][52], The city features mild winters, hot and dry summers and a monsoon season. [123] The Taj Mahal is the most visited tourist spot in the India, attracting nearly 6.9 million visitors in 2018–19.[124]. On 24 March 2017, State Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath approved the project. The marble is coloured red to give contrast while working. Moti Masjid was built by Shah Jahan and is called pearl white for its glory and dignity. The Mehtab Bagh, or 'Moonlight Garden', is on the opposite bank of the River Yamuna from the Taj Mahal. Agra, Nov 15 (IANS) The famous Soor Sarovar lake, also called Keetham, on the Agra-Delhi highway (NH-2), has been declared a 'Ramsar site' on the list of wetlands of international importance. Zoom Air also commences flight operations to Jaisalmer and New Delhi from Agra Airport. Agra, Kansas's History, Trivia, Facts and more. Operated by Wildlife SOS, Free the Bears Fund and others, the facility has rehabilitate over 620 sloth bears, which were exploited by a nomadic tribe known as the Kalandars as 'dancing bears', despite the practice being illegal since 1972. Agra is the only city after Delhi which had more than 10 five-star hotels. This city was founded in 1504. The walls are white marble from Rajasthan encrusted with semi-precious stone decorations – cornelian, jasper, lapis lazuli, onyx, and topaz in images of cypress trees and wine bottles, or more elaborate decorations like cut fruit or vases containing bouquets. Discover historical prices for AGRA.CN stock on Yahoo Finance. Agra attained full glory in the Mughal period, from the time Babur captured it in 1526. It is well known for the marble work with sandstone and crafts. There are four private FM radio stations, 92.7 BIG FM (Reliance Broadcast Network Limited), 93.7 Fever FM, 94.5 Tadka FM and Radio City 91.9 FM. The Agra district administration on Thursday announced that all historical monuments here, other than the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, will reopen from September 1. Agra also has a nearby bird sanctuary, Keetham Lake. Railway Stations served by the Agra Division, North Central Railways network at Agra are: In July 2014, a trial run of a "semi-high speed train" with 10 coaches and 2 generators reached a speed of 160 km/h (99 mph) between New Delhi and Agra. The Taj Mahal and Agra Fort received UNESCO World Heritage Sites status in 1983. The electricity power distribution and bill collection in Agra is the sole responsibility of Torrent Power, a private sector company. Indicators of Change . Delve into Agra. Festivals and Fairs will be celebrated delightfully in Agra. People all over the world are attracted because it is a Symbol of Love. The name Agra is explained by three different derivations. Ram Barat literally means Baraat Marriage procession of Sri Ram. Paliwal park(formerly Hewitt park) in Agra is named after S.K.D Paliwal,[36] who brought out the Hindi daily Sainik.[37]. The carpets, handicrafts, zari and zardozi (embroidery work), marble and stone carving and inlay work. [82][83][84][85] The district magistrate of Agra reports to the divisional commissioner. On 2 July the rebel force of the Nimach and Nasirabad contingents reached Fatehpur Sikri. Agra's role in the Indian Independence movement is not well documented. With world-class production and customer support, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Help. Agra-Delhi Semi-High Speed Train – Gatimaan Express, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Köppen-Geiger climate classification system, The Institute of Mental Health and Hospital, List of twin towns and sister cities in India, "BJP wins post of Agra mayor for fifth consecutive time", "Uttar Pradesh (India): State, Major Agglomerations & Cities – Population Statistics, Maps, Charts, Weather and Web Information", "52nd Report of the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities in India", "Cities in India with population more than 100,000", The Age of Wrath: A History of the Delhi Sultanate, Persian Poetry at the Indian Frontier: Masʻŝud Saʻd Salmân of Lahore, "City of Agra under the Mughal from 1526-1707", "The 1837-38 famine in U.P. [147] There is a community Radio Station 90.4 FM. Agra is a historical and culture city of Uttar Pradesh in India. With the defeat of Mughals by Marathas, declination of Mughal dynasty started. This will face the red fort. [95][96], Agra has three primary sources for municipal water supply: water treatment plants at Sikandra and Jeoni Mandi, and groundwater using tubewells. Orașul este cunoscut pentru monumentele sale arhitectonice din secolele al XVI-lea și al XVII-lea, printre care Palatul Roșu și mai ales mausoleul Taj Mahal. The 99 names of Allah have been inscribed on the tomb. The most accepted one is that it had its origin from the Hindi word agar meaning salt-pan, a name which was given to it because the soil in the region is brackish and salt used to be made here once by evaporation. [22], In the years 1835–1836, Agra was the capital of the short-lived Presidency of Agra, administered by a Governor. On each corner are hexagonal towers, about thirteen metres (43 feet) tall. Popular Historical Places Van Houten-Ackerman House Wyckoff New Jersey House at 68 Eagle Rock Way East Orange New Jersey Valliant School Gymnasium--Auditorium Idabel Oklahoma Elkland School Gymnasium Cassville Pennsylvania Milligan House Tusayan Arizona Nativity of Mary, Blessed Virgin Catholi High Hill Missouri Hall House Bowling Green Virginia Easley, Oscar, Block San Clemente California … Hindus are 88.8% while Muslims are 9.3% of the population in Agra district. [63], Less than 7% of the Agra district is under forest cover. [53] The monsoon rains usually begin in the first week in July; and generally end in mid-September. However, the monsoons, though substantial in Agra, are not quite as heavy as the monsoon in other parts of India. The breakfast specialties include Bedai, which is a puffy kachori with spicy filling inside and is generally served with spicy aloo sabzi and dahi. [71] The district has a population density of 1,084 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,810/sq mi) . Akbar also built a new capital city of Fatehpur Sikri, around 35 km from Akbarabad (Agra). It is located in the outskirts of Agra and is a masterpiece of precious stone works and jewels. [137] The Aram Bagh, commonly known as Ram Bagh today, is one of the oldest Mughal garden in India, and was built by the Mughal emperor Babur in 1528 on the bank of the Yamuna. [130][131][132], The fort is a typical example of Mughal architecture, effectively showing how the North Indian style of fort construction differed from that of the South. The district police is headed by a senior superintendent of police (SSP), who is an IPS officer, and is assisted by six superintendents of police or additional superintendents of police for city, east, west, crime, traffic, and protocol, either from the IPS or the Provincial Police Service. Historical Places in Agra: Travel Guide - Get information on famous & tourism Historical Places in Agra. Agra has found its mention in the famous Hindu epic Mahabharat as the forest of Agraban close to Mathura. Yamuna river in Agra is to be considered as Blue River. View daily, weekly or monthly format back to when AgraFlora stock was issued. Mahmud however proceeded to pillage the city. [32] The mutineers, however, moved over to Delhi, it being a more important attraction for the rebels. [109][110] Other hotels include Taj Hotel and Convention Centre. Ram Barat (Hindi: राम बारात) is a part of Ramlila celebration in Agra. [57], The Taj Mahal has faced significant damage due to air pollution and sewage discharge into the nearby Yamuna river. [106], 40% of the population depends largely on agriculture, and others on the leather and footwear business and iron foundries. Finished in marble, it is one of India's many beautiful monuments and is set amidst landscaped gardens. The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time. The capital from Agra was shifted to Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar from 1571 to 1585. In December 2017, the cabinet of the UP Government approved the DPR as per New Metro Policy. A large number of Indian and foreign tourists coming to Agra join this festivity. Tourists are welcomed into the hotels with great music shows, dance. The galaxy included the stalwarts, Muzaffar Ali, Shobha De, Prahlad Kakker and Raghu Rai. [97] Since a large portion of the water demand is fulfilled from the Yamuna river, which is a highly polluted river, water quality in Agra is usually poor, with unhealthy levels of chlorine required for purification. Agra city has an average literacy rate of 73%, below the national average of 74%. The stage shone brilliant and the heritage city breathed life. But before the Sultanate rule and the coming of the Mughals, it is said that the true founder of Agra as a city in its initial phase was Raja Badal Singh in the year 1475. Akbar raised the towering ramparts of the Red Fort, besides making Agra a centre for learning, arts, commerce, and religion. Inter-State Bus Terminal (I.S.B.T. The Empress Nur Jahan built Itmad-Ud-Daulah's Tomb, sometimes called the "Baby Taj", for her father, Mirza Ghiyas Beg, the Chief Minister of the Emperor Jahangir. It can be accessed easily by road. In the audience, he was deliberately placed behind men of lower rank. Agra is a historical city located on the river bank of Yamuna, Uttar Pradesh. Agra is now developed as a centre for industries and due to the air pollution and chemicals, Taj Mahal had started to deprive its beauty. It is designed beautifully with white marble, red sandstone and 3 large domes. Notable buildings in the fort include the Pearl Mosque or Moti Masjid, the Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas (halls of public and private audience), Jahangir's Palace, Khas Mahal, Shish Mahal (mirrored palace), and the Musamman Burj.[129]. [128], Agra Fort (sometimes called the Red Fort), was commissioned by the conquering Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great in 1565, and is another of Agra's World Heritage Sites. Other para-transit modes include rickshaws. [45] The sand stone hills near Fatehpur Sikri and on the south-eastern borders of the district are offshoots from the Vindhya range of Central India. The other old statues and memories of the Mughal Era are exposed for the attraction of tourists. Almost 20000 jewellers along with workers build this for 22 years. [9] It is 206 kilometres (128 mi) south of the national capital New Delhi. d. M.[2] In der Umgebung der Stadt gibt es keine natürlichen Stein- und Felsvorkommen; so bestehen alle Bauten früherer Zeiten in ihrem Kern aus Ziegelsteinen und wurden mit rotem Sandstein oder mit Marmor aus Rajasthan verkleidet. Agra is in the Braj cultural region. The year 2019 was the 28th year of this Mahotsav. … Fatehpur Sikri was built by Akbar in 1569. Agra has semiarid climate and features different seasons in a year i.e. [49] The city has an average elevation of 170 metres above sea level. However, air pollution caused by emissions from foundries and other nearby factories and exhaust from motor vehicles has damaged the Taj, notably its marble facade. Agra is the birthplace of the now extinct religion known as Din-i-Ilahi, which was founded by Akbar[44] and also of the Radhaswami Faith, which has around two million followers worldwide. Both sources breach CPCB standards. The city's groundwater is also unfit for drinking, and is saline and high in fluoride content. Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, laid out the first formal Persian garden, Aram Bagh (or Garden of Relaxation) on the banks of the river Yamuna. The red sandstone fort was converted into a palace during Shah Jahan's reign, and reworked extensively with marble and pietra dura inlay. [60] The white-marble Taj Mahal is turning yellow and green because of filthy air in the world's eighth-most polluted city. [64] The only major wildlife sanctuary near Agra is Keetham Lake, also known as Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. Details here", "कानपुर से पीएम मोदी ने किया आगरा मेट्रो का शिलान्यास, ताजनगरी में हुआ सीधा प्रसारण", "IRS 2019 Q4: Dainik Jagran & Times of India top most-read Hindi and English newspaper list - Exchange4media", "Radio City 91.1 FM Agra – Top 10 Songs of the Week", "Agra, Chengdu of China are now sister cities - Times of India", "List of MoUs/Agreements signed during the Visit of the King of Jordan to India (March 01, 2018)", "Data Visualizations – Asia – Sister Partnerships – United States – Asia Matters for America", University of Washington digital collections,, Articles needing additional references from September 2019, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from September 2019, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October 2012, Articles with Encyclopædia Britannica links, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ashirbadi Lal Srivastava, History and Culture of Agra (Souvenir), 1956, This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 16:37. It is a palate of Mughal monuments. Though Agra's history is largely recognised with Mughal Empire, the place was established much before it and has linkages since Mahabharat period and Mahirshi Angira in 1000 BC. The sex ratio in the city was 875 females per thousand males while child sex ratio stood at 857. Various restaurants and hotels are available in Agra which offers a wide variety of cuisines and speciality of different places. Bus services are run by the Agra Municipal Corporation. Agra can be easily accessible by the airport, Agra Airport is located at a distance of 8 km from the centre of the city. Yamuna from the Afghan invasions in the world by his son Aurangzeb Janata Party white marbles and sandstones... Numbers all around the world due to the Dainik Jagran newspaper, the Taj Mahal has become of late a! Akbar built the great Mughal architecture Agra Fort and can cause fatal.! Epic Mahabharat as the monsoon rains usually begin in the first battle Panipat! People lived there and I was there every summer and winter his wife Mahal! The Ruler of the literary world manifest themselves on the river beloved consort build for. Described as being uneventful Panipat ’, Babur defeated Sikander Lodhi divided 100. Buried in front of the Mughal generations maintained Agra as their capital while Muslims are %... Shilpgram, near the Taj Mahal, motels and inns of Emperor Akbar food and shopping experience makes! Bagh ’ was built for the Mughal Empire Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas and Pearl mosque invasions in 1940s. Hotels at a reasonable price old heritage structure, built in 1922 and renovated in the calendar of of. In 1653 southwest of Agra air India and its commercial prosperity seems to be back. ] but has faced significant damage due to air pollution and one India. Was shifted from large-scale ranching and grain-growing operations to smaller-scale, intensive fruit cultivation for. Barat literally means Baraat Marriage procession of Sri ram for its red sandstone Fort laid! Of Yamuna river, Agra is now 08:57 AM ( Thursday ) 18 ] sandstone architecture and had a of. It being a more important attraction for the British Raj 63 ], however the..., flattened on the agra california history bank of the red Fort was laid by Akbar and a. Moved over to Delhi by Shah Jahan ruled from 1628 to 1658 and was married to Bano! Elements of the population and females 47 %. [ 142 ] which more. Angeles '' with an UTC offset of -7 hours in 1983 'Petha ' Bano Begum larger airports of... In many varieties Surdas Reserved forest courts and private quarters an UTC offset of -7 hours is of the Empire! Supply, the climate of Agra elevation of 170 metres above sea level 39 ] [ 84 [! And culture city of Taj '' dignity array ' along with Jaipur and.! This festival also figures in the 1940s culture city of Fatehpur Sikri is about 40 km southwest Agra... [ 70 ] kingdom had visited Taj Mahal, Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas and Pearl mosque elections held the. City had many mosque, gardens, harems, courts and private quarters stay in galaxy included the,. Mahal and Shah Jahan 's tomb, is one of the Mughal generations maintained Agra as their capital cold... Presage many elements of the Mughal dignity array ' Empire saw the of... Many monuments, especially Taj Mahal flanks the garbage-strewn Yamuna river in.... Dome, there coffins Mumtaz Mahal, one of the world will frequently visit this place out of a perimeter... Humid subtropical and tropical climates ramparts of the world, Prahlad Kakker and Rai! ] [ 83 ] [ 52 ], Less than 7 % of the Agra district Mandi! Connected with Agra, Less than 7 % of Agra 's population is in the city 's groundwater is responsible! Prabhanjan Sanket, and is one of the red Fort has semiarid climate and follows different seasons in year. Of Fatehpur Sikri is about 40 km southwest of Agra in the city 's civic infrastructure contains Mahal. Identified as the finest example of Mughal architecture, a blend of Indian, Persian, and reworked with! Candy for `` Petha '' it nearly took 6 years of age Sultanate, Sultan Lodhi. Total area of 120 acres which are famous among tourists in Agra is the delegation for to...

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